1st Anniversary Campaign until December 25th

2012.12.2 | 新着情報

The first Holistic Health Care Resort in Japan opened in Huis Ten Bosch, where surrounded by the beautiful nature of Nagasaki. We offer various programs for maintaining and improving your health and wellness.

■ Acupuncture (60~70min)

Highly recommended for stiff shoulder and back pain.
Gentle and delicate manipulation of an expert moderates pain from the insertion of needles, but it stimulates the targeted acupuncture points.

■ Thermo Bath Treatment SOARA (90min)

The original thermo bath treatment of THE SOARA.
By approaching to immune system and autonomic nervous system, it helps you energize and rejuvenate.
Especially recommended for cold extremity, insomnia, back pain , and stiff shoulder.

■ Ayurveda Head & Leg Oil Treatment (45min)(*The leg treatment – below the knee)

Ayurveda is a traditional holistic healing system from India

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